Sometimes the best laid plans…

A few weeks ago, I decided to drive up to Newburyport, MA for a sunset shoot of the harbor.  While I’ve photographed many parts of this beautiful coastal community in the past, the harbor is one area I’ve unintentionally neglected.  When I left my house that afternoon, all signs pointed to good sunset conditions – some mild humidity/haze, nice clouds throughout the sky, etc.  Did I mention that the conditions were good at my house?  As I got nearer to Newburyport, the conditions worsened until I reached unbelievably thick fog all along the coast and harbor.  While this image of the dock is not what I had planned on shooting, I was actually pleased with how it came out.  One thing I’m consciously trying to do is experiment with different angles when shooting, and I took the opportunity to get down really low with the few things I could actually see that evening.  When your photo shoot gives you lemons, you make lemonade.


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