I Can Fly

As you can probably tell after reading my first few blog posts, my primary subject choice is landscape and nature photography.  I really enjoy the process of discovering and capturing something timeless that perhaps I will be the only one to ever see at that moment.  With that said, there is no doubt that I probably take about 10 times as many pictures of my children as I do my landscapes.  Now I have no intention of using this forum to show off pictures of my kids all the time, but every once and awhile, I’ll sprinkle one in.

This particular image of my older son is one of my all-time favorites.  In one very simple frame, it epitomizes everything that’s fun about being a kid.  From the wet, sandy clothes to the outstretched arms as he tries to fly, this image will always remind me how great it is to be a kid.  It is these timeless moments I want to be sure to capture.


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