Never Wake A Sleeping Bear

This image was taken this past weekend at a nearby beach that my kids really enjoy visiting.  They love hunting for sea glass, and this beach always provides us with a treasure trove of goodies to bring back to our ever-growing collection.  While we did manage to leave the house fairly early, having my wife and kids with me meant a sunrise shoot was obviously out.  So even though I knew the light wouldn’t be ideal, I still debated whether to bring my full camera kit, or simply rely on the cell phone  for a few candids of the kids playing.  I actually find myself having this debate quite often, where I want my full kit with me, but just don’t feel like lugging it around.  Anyway… I ended up compromising this time, and just took my camera and one lens, and threw it in our backpack with towels, sunscreen, etc.  I managed to capture some good shots of the boys, and as we were leaving, this particular scene caught my eye.  A handheld set of brackets was all I needed, and I ended up grateful I brought my camera.

As for the title of this post, can anyone guess what it references?


4 thoughts on “Never Wake A Sleeping Bear

  1. Nice shot Steve – I like the composition and texture of the rocks… excellent processing too!
    Your debating to take you full camera gear sounds exactly what I go through, if we’re just off for a quiet family stroll… the decisions we have to go through, yeah!

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