A Good Year

I have a love/hate relationship with the process of coming up with a name for each blog post.  Some images seem to have names custom-made for them, where others are just not so easy.  This post was definitely the former, as I had several potential options come to mind as I was preparing it.  In addition to “A Good Year,” I thought about using “I’m Tired,” “Let’s Roll,” or “Retired” as possible options.  Anyway… on to today’s image.  I was doing some things around the house last night and looked outside to see what was the tail end of a beautiful sunset, so I grabbed my gear and quickly headed out.  I ended up missing the peak of the good color, so I decided to come in close on the tire of this tractor that was sitting idle in the middle of the field.  There was just enough good light left to provide a pleasing background, so I fired off a few brackets before the light faded.  I was able to capture some other shots around this field as well that I’ll share in future posts.


13 thoughts on “A Good Year

  1. Very nicely composed, Steven. You arrived on the scene just in time to mix in a little sun.
    Post titles can be a challenge at times. I usually come up with something decent, although some may think otherwise. 🙂

    Nice work, man.

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