Waiting For Sunrise

Today’s image was taken along the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine.  Stretching from Perkins Cove to Ogunquit Beach, it’s an incredibly stunning public footpath that winds along the rocky cliffs of southern coastal Maine.  These benches are scattered along the path and provide beautiful vantage points to enjoy the ocean and crashing surf.

As I was crouched down on the ground for this shot trying to get the composition I wanted and the light I was hoping for, something occurred to me.  This was one of those instances where I seriously debated whether I’d rather be down on the ground waiting for the moment when the light was perfect to capture a memorable image, or would I rather just be part of the scene, sitting on that bench watching the incredible colors of a Maine sunrise.   The photographer in me obviously won the battle this time, but I still think about how nice it would have been just sitting there watching and enjoying.


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