Bright Lights, Quaint City

As I’ve mentioned on the blog several times before, Newburyport, MA is one of my favorite places to shoot.  You can usually find me there on the beach, or at least somewhere near the water, at sunrise or sunset trying to find a location or vantage point that provides a unique perspective on this beautiful coastal community.  Recently however, I’ve been working on some new images of the downtown area.  Newburyport was once an important fishing and whaling port, but is now much more well-known now as a bustling waterfront destination for tourists.  Full of wonderful shops, restaurants and activities, as well some incredible examples of Federalist architecture, it remains one of the most scenic and popular destinations on the north shore of Massachusetts.

This image was taken a short while after sundown in the heart of downtown looking up State Street, where many of the shops and restaurants are located.  It’s a great city to enjoy at night, and I will have some additional images to post in the future.


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