Guarding the Beach

Normally I get a bit cranky when my kids wake us up too early in the morning.  The day I took this shot, however, I actually felt obligated to thank my youngest for coming in our room at 5:15 am.   I had not planned to get up early for sunrise more than once on our vacation, as the days were action packed and most nights found us out late with the kids either having a late supper, getting ice cream, or staying late at the beach (or all of the above).  As a result, we tried to sleep in each morning as best we could, knowing that we’d be at it again the next morning.  This was not the morning I had planned to be up at sunrise, but since my 5 year old had other plans, I rolled out of bed and headed across the street to the beach, and ended up catching a terrific sunrise.  Fortunately, my son had gone back to sleep while I was out, and I was able to go back to bed myself for a little while to get ready for another fun day at the beach.

As for the image itself, I had mostly used the rock outcroppings at the end of the beach as my foreground interest (as seen in yesterday’s post), but thought this lifeguard chair would make an interesting subject as well.


8 thoughts on “Guarding the Beach

  1. What a nice composition, Steven. Great shot. Hampton Recs & Parks may want this for their website or a poster in the chamber of commerce..
    Nice soft colors, looks inviting.

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