Don’t Forget to Walk Around

I’ve wanted to create a unique image of Plum Island Light for the longest time.  I’ve shot it many times at different points the day, at various angles, different positions, seasons, etc., but wasn’t able to create anything that stands out from the many images that have already been done.  I was there again about a month ago on a night with a beautiful sunset and was trying to get something memorable.  Once again, for whatever reason, nothing was working so I decided to take a little walk.  As I walked past this fence and flowers, I knew I had finally found the composition I was looking for.

Looking back, this seems like such an obvious perspective to set up for a shot, and it made me question how well I really explored this location in the past, as well as many of my other favorite haunts.  As a result, I’m trying very hard now to just walk around and evaluate the possible photographic opportunities of a location before I pull out the camera and press the shutter.


10 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Walk Around

  1. Well done! I always like to fully explore a site (if my GF isn’t with me, then I feel rushed – I hope she doesn’t read this…) I am heading to Sweden next with with a photo buddy of mine, hoping to fill up 3X 8GB memory cards!! I will be walking around alot! Love the color here buddy.

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