Forty Love

Just a quick shot from my kids’ tennis lesson the other day.  There was something about the colors and randomness of the balls just begged to be photographed.  So in between shots of forehands and volleys, I held the camera at ground level and fired away.

I definitely need to try these spontaneous shots more often, which of course goes completely against what I spoke about the other day here in terms of making sure you walk around and evaluate what’s in front of you.  I guess I just need to do more of everything.  But that’s one of the great things about photography, there’s always something to practice, and to practice on.


8 thoughts on “Forty Love

  1. Nice! You really can’t go wrong – I find compelling and exciting stuff to shoot everywhere. Whether I have done my research or spontaniously find something cool, you can find inspiration in some of the most random places! Nice work!

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