Sometimes things have a way of just working out, photographically speaking.  We were out on a friend’s boat one afternoon out of Hingham harbor, and decided to cruise over to Hull to let the kids walk around on the beach for a while.  It eventually began to get late so we headed back to the boat to start to make our way home.  Unfortunately, when we got back to the boat, the engine was dead.  By the time we had the boat equivalent of AAA come help us start the boat, it was getting very late.  Fortunately, very late meant sunset time, and I was thankful to have my camera with me.  Had the boat started when we first tried it, we would’ve been back long before this shot was possible.

This is looking north across the harbor towards the Boston skyline.  And if you look carefully, you can also see an airplane on approach to Logan airport.  For most of the afternoon, it was difficult to make out the skyline in the bright sun, but once it was silhouetted against the sunset, it was very obvious where it was.   The colors were so incredible that evening, and I was grateful to be able to capture an image of it from the water instead of looking at it from the car ride home.


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