20 Min Tie

Well my new toy arrived this weekend, and I just had to go out and see what I could do with it.  I’ve been wanting to experiment more with long exposures, so I finally got myself the B+W 10 stop ND filter.  The next morning I got up early for a sunrise that never materialized, but I still got to try some long exposures.  There’s a lot to learn about using it and it’s definitely going to take some practice and experimentation, but I was still pleased with a few of the shots I was able to create.

I went up to Willows Park in Salem, MA to shoot the pier and rocky beach, but this image of one of the docks was probably my favorite.  I really love the way an exposure of nearly 2 minutes just smooths out the water while leaving fixed objects like the dock in focus.  I’m excited to keep trying different types of shots with the new filter, and will hopefully have some stuff to share in the future.


10 thoughts on “20 Min Tie

  1. Excellent composition Steven. Love the yellow and red against the water. I love that filter but it does take practice. The first time I used it, I didn’t think about covering the eyepiece and my images were great except for the light that had come in from the back.

  2. Great shot, Steven. The water looks fantastic and the point of view is perfect.

    Nds are fun to play around with. I’ll be getting a new ND filter soon, since I dropped and cracked my Hoya 10-stop (ouch) this weekend. 😦 Can’t believe I let that happen. Anyhow…

    Great shot, man.

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