A Moment in Time

First off, I wanted to say thank you for all the nice comments and feedback you’ve been kind enough to share during my first few months of blogging.  The response has been beyond my expectations, I sincerely appreciate the fact that you’re reading and commenting on my blog.

Now on to today’s post.  This is another shot from my recent beach vacation in Seabrook, and was taken during a very nice sunrise where I had the beach all to myself.  Some of the best images from the week came from this one morning as there are of lot of interesting subjects there to shoot – waves, rocks, jetty, lifeguard chair, etc.  Not too much else to say about it, other than it was probably the first time I used shallow puddles like this as a foreground interest.  I typically look for something strong in the foreground that can either anchor the image, or draw the viewer through it.  For this shot, however, I liked the simplicity of these small pools of water and how they balanced the rest of the scene.  Well at least that’s how I saw it at that moment.  And that’s what photography is really all about right?  Capturing a singular moment.

Have a great weekend.


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