A New Path

No, this post title is not meant to be symbolic of a new endeavor or change in my life.  It’s actually just an image of a new path I recently discovered.  I’ve probably driven past this little walkway 1000 times without ever knowing it was there.  Then one day it caught my eye, right off one of the main roads in my town.  So I made a note to come back and see where it went as soon as I could.  While it only travels a short way through the woods and doesn’t lead to some dramatic photographic opportunity, it did provide me something new to shoot.  It was a new path, at least for that day.


7 thoughts on “A New Path

  1. Beautiful! I posted one of these recently as well. Just something I discovered a couple weeks ago. When you get that grey color from the photomatic process on specific parts of the photo that are supposed to be “bright”, moving up the contrasts does a great job of getting rid of them. I think you saw my images, but it is a pretty cool thing. Lovely path though, too bad there isn’t anything crazy at the end!

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