After much anticipation for the WorldWide Photo Walk this weekend, it ended up a bit of a disappointed because of nasty weather.   I was on a sunrise walk in Ogunquit, Maine, and the sun was nowhere to be seen.  Instead, for the second year in a row, we were socked in by fog along with a fair amount of rain all morning.  So walking back to my car with a mostly empty memory card, I heard a stream through the woods on the side of the road.  A short path took me to this scene, which may have been the best thing I saw all morning.  It’s ironic that one of the only good shots I got from this normally picturesque ocean location is a shot I’d expect to get on a hike in the woods.  Oh well.  A keeper is a keeper.

Although I was disappointed in the photo walk, it was still good to get out early and get some exercise and a few good shots.  I may post another shot or two from the walk later this week.


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