Wow.  What an unbelievable weekend of weather we just had in the northeast.  80+ degrees, blue skies, and best of all, no humidity.  In addition to enjoying the long weekend with family and friends, I also managed to get out yesterday morning for some sunrise shooting up in Gloucester, MA.  Although the sky was completely cloudless and not all that interesting, I did get some early morning images that I’ll share later this week.

Today’s post, however, is a shot I took on the ride home, having taken the scenic route back on Route 133 through the coastal towns of Essex and Ipswich among others.  I had driven over this bridge in Ipswich in the past, and wanted to see if I could find an interesting angle to try some long exposures.  The sun was already up, and while it was a decent scene, it wasn’t  anything I was overly excited about.  That is until I got back in the car and looked at the LCD on my camera.  This swirling action of the river was not visible to me while I was composing the shot, but was so cool to see on the little screen.  Single exposure of 30 seconds with some minor post-processing tweaks.  Love when that happens.


9 thoughts on “Swirling

  1. What a fun shot, Steven. Love that swirling action. 🙂
    This is one of the things I really love about photography, the pleasant surprises, things you don’t see until after the shot. Great work, man.

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