Sunshine Farm

Finally got out this weekend for some fall shooting.  I only had a short amount of time around a bunch of kids soccer games and birthday parties, but managed to get a few keepers.  This barn sits right on the main road, and I’m guessing is photographed fairly often.  I thought it was kinda cool to have the moon still up in the morning and hovering over a barn called Sunshine Farm.  Although I’m thinking that maybe my definition of cool needs a little work.  🙂


9 thoughts on “Sunshine Farm

  1. I’d like to see another shot of this from further away to give a greater sense of scale. These barns look fantastic when set against a barren landscape and lots of sky. This is still cool though!

    • Thanks Marc. I completely agree with you, but in this case, further away wouldn’t have been as good as there were more power lines and other buildings next to and behind the barn. Plus, I would’ve been standing in the middle of Rt 103. 🙂

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