I love when you stumble across a location that you didn’t anticipate.  Traveling down Rte 103 near Bradford, NH this past weekend, I saw this small little cut-off from the road.  I decided to check it out and drove down to find this river flowing very hard due to the recent rains.  A short little hike brought me to this vantage point where I captured this shot.  I debated how long of an exposure to use, and opted for something around 1 1/2 seconds to slightly blur, but still show the incredible motion of the water.  Add in some rocks and fall foliage, and you have the finished product.


8 thoughts on “Rapids

  1. Great shot Steven. I really dig these kinds of shots – ( maybe you have noticed… 🙂 ) The full res. version is amazing. Very sharp, and no blur in the foliage that I can see. The water is just gorgeous. I tend to keep my shutter speed under 1 sec. when I shoot falls just to keep some definition in the water – thats just the way I like it – your 1.5 sec works extremely well.

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