Ok.  I admit it.  I may actually be in love with my new B+W 10 stop ND filter.  I’ve been doing a lot of shooting lately around water, and I keep finding myself attaching the ND10 for any and all compositions to see what type of effect I can achieve with it.  This one is another shot from my weekend on Martha’s Vineyard.  This was taken on lighthouse beach near the entrance to Edgartown harbor.  I took several shots of the lighthouse itself, but wanted to post some of the other shots first.


10 thoughts on “Weathered

  1. Excellent composition and light Stephen. Love how you anchored the image in the foreground. I agree about the filter, it’s a great one. By the way, I used exactly the same title for my post today!

  2. I love using the 10-stop filter. I find the B+W gives a warm cast to the scenes, which isn’t a bad thing just something i notice and have to take into account. Well done on this scene. I love how the long exposure smooths out the water. I’ve always wanted to capture something like this scene.

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