Streaks of Light

So it’s back to Martha’s Vineyard for today’s post.  This image is a little bit unusual, but I was playing around with some long exposures and thought this one came out kinda cool.  It’s a shot of the Chappaquiddick Ferry, more commonly known as the Chappy Ferry, that runs across Edgartown Harbor to Chappaquiddick Island.  The only way to get to Chappy is on this ferry, or by driving on the beach if you have four-wheel drive and know what you’re doing.   Made famous for the Dyke Bridge incident in 1969 with Ted Kennedy, it is also known for its incredibly beautiful beaches and great fishing.


11 thoughts on “Streaks of Light

  1. Really nicely done, Steven. I like how this came out, man. Long exposures are so much fun, mainly because you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get. At least for me, I’m not certain of the results. 🙂

    Lovely shot, man!

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