Uneven Symmetry

I’ll admit that today’s image is a bit simplistic, but there’s something about it that just draws me in.  I love the textures of the stonework.  There’s the similar 20-pane style in both the window and the door.  There’s the red paint on the brick designed (I think) to match the color of the wood in the door.  There’s the stone above both the door and window that serves the same aesthetic purpose, albeit with different design.  So although there is not true symmetry in this shot, it has a compositional symmetry that works for me.   I love getting shots like this that just feel right, even though I’m sure not everyone will agree.

Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-70, f/11, 40mm, 3 brackets


5 thoughts on “Uneven Symmetry

  1. I am absolutely with you in your final sentence. This is a great image that is so easy to miss. There’s one other great point about these two windows that you don’t mention but for me is the real joy of this image: and that’s the contrast between the opaque deadness of the left window and the bright reflective colours in the panes of the right window. That’s what makes this image so good.

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