Year in Review

So here we are on the next to last day of the year.  For today’s post, I debated about whether to simply share another image and accompanying story as if it were any other day, or whether I should take a look back at the past year (or at least the last 6 months of it that I’ve been blogging) and compile a “best of” series of images.  Valid reasons existed to justify both, but as you’ll see below, I opted for the compilation.  The images that follow aren’t necessarily my best images, but rather those that resonated with me the most.  Choosing them was easy, although I wonder if I would’ve have chosen the same images if I did this exercise yesterday or tomorrow.  There’s just so much subjectivity and opinion and even whim to photography, which I guess is one of the things that I really love about it.

I have to say that the past 6 months of photoblogging has been a truly rewarding experience for me.  I’ve met some incredibly talented photographers and friends, all of whom have inspired me, and helped me to continue to shape and develop my vision and my skills with a camera.  I don’t know what next year will bring, but I’m certainly looking forward to the ride.

Best wishes to all of you for a happy and healthy new year.


18 thoughts on “Year in Review

  1. Steven –

    Although I’ve only been blogging since October, 2011, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the posting of your wonderful pictures (photoblogging, as you call it), particularly the Vineyard photos. As I scanned the compilation of your shots over the past year, it ocurred to me to ask whether you’ve considered producing a calendar? Your pictures would look great in that context, and hey, why not generate some income while you’re at it?

    Thanks for sharing, and I wish you and yours a Happy New Year!


    • Thanks so much Kevin. I have thought about producing a calendar, but just haven’t had the time to pull one together. It’s actually one of the things on my list for early 2012 (along with many other to-do’s). Thanks again for your visits and comments, and a very happy new year to you too.

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