Today’s image is of the Boston skyline as seen from Lo Presti Park in East Boston just after sunset.   In addition to providing a great view of the city, this location also has some wonderful objects like this pier, as well as some older decrepit ones, that can create a nice foreground interest or lead-in to the image.   Boston’s relatively small size and location on the water provide some really interesting perspectives with which you can shoot it, whether you want more close-up intimate shots, or something more broad and contextual.  Regardless, it’s fun finding new spots.  I posted some other views of the city a while back in this post and this one.  Unfortunately, it was another bitterly cold evening when I took this shot the other day, which made for a relatively short outing.  I have a few other shots from here that I’ll share in future posts, but I’m looking forward to coming back to this spot in warmer weather to explore more potential compositions and perspectives.

Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-70, f/22, 18mm, 3 exposures


11 thoughts on “Beantown

  1. Really nicely done Steven. Lovely colds and leading line. I used to go to Boston a lot when my son went to school there. I need to re-visit. Don’t know this location but it looks like a winner.

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