Which Came First

These tracks are obviously not used anymore, but the way they follow along the shape of the factory made me wonder whether the tracks were laid before the factory was built, or vice versa.  My guess would be the factory came first, although I suppose they could’ve built the factory to be near the tracks.  Such are the things that occupy my mind.

Anyway… as for processing, I wanted to create a look similar to what old pictures from the 70s look like.  I’m not sure why, or whether I even achieved this or not, but it seems to at least to resemble what I was after.

Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-70, f/13, 18 mm, 3 brackets


8 thoughts on “Which Came First

  1. Mission accomplished, Steven. This does have an old-style, 70s feel. I like those reflections in the windows as well. Nice job.

    Like you, I’m inclined to think the building was there first, with the rails conveniently laid along the perimeter afterward.

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