Save Me A Seat

I was driving around and exploring York, Maine this past weekend, and immediately hit the brakes when this house caught my eye.  It’s situated right on the water, and has this wonderful wraparound porch.  I’ve always wanted to have a beach house with an old porch like this, especially one with this kind of view.  And the more weathered, the better.  Although the sky was kinda bland that day, the blue floor added enough character to make up for it.  Can’t you just see yourself sitting there on a wicker chair on a cool summer night?  This time of year I think about that a lot.

Camera settings: ISO 200, f/10, 27mm, 3 brackets


21 thoughts on “Save Me A Seat

  1. Oh I just love this shot. The only thing I love more then Maine is a wrap around porch on a beach house which like you I always envision myself sitting on a nice summer night. I’m planning a trip to Maine this summer so you’re giving me lots of inspiration.

      • That souds great Andrew. I’d love to get some tips. Rob Hanson also gave me some great inside info on Acadia so the more the merrier. Would love to meet up. We’re still working out timing but contact me (on my site) or I’ll touch base with you.

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  3. A great find. The colours are tremendous and actually the greyness of the day helps. If you had a sunny day with blue sky and blue water, I think the blue of the floor would just get the life sucked out of it.

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