Endless Pier

It’s a quick post for today with a visit back to my trip to Martha’s Vineyard last fall.  For this shot I tried some brackets for an HDR shot as well as some long exposures, but wasn’t happy with the results.  After much playing around, I ended up blending one of the brackets with one of the long exposures to get the look I wanted.  I’m still working on my masking skills, but certainly had fun working on this image.  It’s something I definitely plan to keep on practicing.

Camera settings: ISO 200, f/13, 18mm, 2 exposures blended in CS5


8 thoughts on “Endless Pier

    • Thanks Kevin. It’s located in Edgartown right near lighthouse beach. As you’re walking towards the lighthouse from the Harborview Hotel, it’s on your right facing the harbor, chappy ferry, etc.

      • Thanks, Steven. It’s funny when you see a picture that looks unfamiliar, when in fact, you’ve been there countless times. I was sitting on the deck at the Harborview last fall (October 9th) and it was 80 degrees that day! I also went swimming at State Beach…the latest in the season that I’ve ever been.

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