Boiler Doors

It’s back to my East Mill series again for today’s post.  In addition to all the massive machinery in this old mill, there are also plenty of opportunities for some nice detail shots.  These doors are part of one of the giant boilers, and although they’re only a small piece of this monster, they had more than enough detail and interest to merit their own shot.  I couldn’t get to a spot that would allow me to shoot straight at them, so I needed to make some perspective corrections in LR.  Not perfect, but pretty good considering the original angle I had to use to get the shot.  This is one of those terrific benefits of digital processing that just couldn’t have been achieved with film and traditional darkroom methods not so long ago.

Camera settings: ISO 200, f/5, 145 mm, 3 brackets


8 thoughts on “Boiler Doors

  1. Perfect for the B&W treatment and this really pops off the page with the added contrast. I came across an additional feature in Photoshop that can help if Lens Correction doesn’t fully resolve perspective: It’s Edit/Transformand then select from the options. You may know about this already, but if not worth experimenting. It’s solved a number of difficult perspectives for me.

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