iPhone Tuesday

Everyone seems to do iPhone Fridays, so I thought I’d go a little crazy and throw one down on a Tuesday.  Part of the reason that I’m posting some iPhone shots today is that I seem to be in a bit of a rut, both photographically and creatively.   I can’t seem to find much to shoot that looks interesting, and I haven’t really been pleased with what I’ve produced lately even when I have filled a memory card.  I’m still shooting when I can, and occasionally get something decent, but it’s just been a bit of a struggle.  I’m thinking that maybe just using the iPhone for a little while could get the juices flowing again.

These shots were taken this past Sunday after a really nice brunch with my family in Concord, MA.  This cemetery is situated on a hill overlooking the downtown area, and is just full of colonial-era history.  Although I’m not always a fan of shooting cemeteries, I kinda liked the way these images turned out.


11 thoughts on “iPhone Tuesday

  1. Very nice images Steven.Sorry to hear about your rut. We all go through these. I believe that the creative part of the brain needs renewal and then comes back strong. Until then, keeping shooting with that iPhone

  2. I really love the first shot Steven. I know what you mean by being in a rut. I think we all go through it and I’ve been feeling a little less then inspired these days. I think I need the flowers to start blooming and the weather to warm up again (its been cool here for the last couple of weeks) to get the juices flowing again.

  3. Love the first shot. I feel very luck being retired, which means I can go where I like when I like. A totally new environment gets me going, and if only Spring would get going properly then the images almost come to me. The changes in the landscape can be awesome. I think we are all a bit jaded from the winter.

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