Good morning and happy Monday.  This shot was one of those unfortunate situations where I got an image I really liked, but had forgotten to change my camera settings before pressing the shutter, and was unable to really do what I wanted with it as a result.  I had spent the afternoon with my kids at the beach and had taken quite a few pictures of them playing, etc.  On the way home I spotted this boat stuck in the grass at low tide, and jumped out to grab a few shots.  Unfortunately, my camera was set to a relatively low jpeg file size and I forgot to switch over to RAW before taking this shot.  The image also required some cropping, so I ended up with a very small file and what you see here is about as big as this is going to get.  Although I can’t do much to enlarge it (I don’t have any of the image enlargement software), I still really like it.   Maybe I’ll carry it in my wallet along with the pictures of the kids.  🙂

Camera settings: ISO 400, f/4.5, 56mm, 1/2000 second


9 thoughts on “Stranded

  1. It is a terrifc shot but more then the shot I’m so happy to hear you say you forgot to change you’re settings. I can’t tell you how often that’s happened to me and I always kick myself. Actually this weekend I was trying out my new macro lens on some flowers. The lighting was beautiful and after I’d finished I realized that I had the ISO cranked up high from my last shot from my sons indoor concert recital. Needless to say I wasn’t happy with the noise of what should have been soft flower shots.

  2. it happens all the time… thats the reason whenever there is a new shoot I follow some rules that I made up myself. Like formatting the card, checking the setting, changing them to the current shoot. Even all that precaution can be useless as some of the things like picture format(raw or jpeg), ISO and white balance can go unnoticed. Maybe checking them religiously before starting the shoot is the only right option.

    and by d way I really liked the picture and its caption… thanks for posting.

  3. That’s a wonderful composition Steven. Really love the way that the boat sits there in the middle of nothing but grass. Very cool shot. You are not alone about the settings. My issue is usually cranking up the ISO and not resetting it.

  4. Ahh, I’ve been in that boat as well (pun intended and yes I know it was a bad one, haha) I once shot an entire evening of HDR, about 500 images, all in ISO 1000. So frustrating. This is a great shot though, awesome find and well composed!

  5. I like this photo – just shows the equipment is less important than the user.
    I share my camera with my son – the number of times I have encountered his night time video settings in my photographs, like a custom white balance, I can’t count. In jpeg mode I could only salvage these photos with a b&w conversion, so in some ways you got off lightly on this one 😉

  6. Very cool shot Steven! I’m with you and everyone else, many times I’ve forgotten to check my settings! Sometimes though, we do luck out! Great work!

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