On the Rocks

So I don’t think my obsession with lighthouses is going to abate any time soon.  This is the Eastern Point Lighthouse in Gloucester, and was shot this past weekend on a beautiful clear morning.  It’s located at the entrance to Gloucester Harbor, and is the third incarnation of the lighthouse that was originally constructed on this site in 1832.   The stone breakwater I’m standing on here was built between 1894 and 1905 and is an incredible 2,250-foot long.   While there is no public access to the lighthouse itself, there are infinite compositional possibilities from the surrounding land.


11 thoughts on “On the Rocks

  1. Oh man, I wiswh we had some more lighthouses out here. I would love to have the problem of too many lighthouses to shoot 🙂 Lovely lighting there on the left, sweet leading line down the middle, and cool ocean leapping on the right.

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