Tall Ships at Sunrise

Well I’m back after a week of vacation at home and time away from the blog.  I had a fantastic week with my family full of fun day trips and some much needed R&R.  While I certainly love to take vacations to new and interesting places, sometimes a staycation at home is still the best.

Last week we were fortunate here in Boston as the city hosted Boston Harborfest, the War of 1812 bicentennial celebrations, Navy Week, and OpSail Boston.  These overlapping events meant that Boston played host to numerous ships and boats, including some of the Tall Ships.  These two ships, the Guayas from Ecuador and the Gloria from Colombia, were docked at Fish Pier, and are just incredibly impressive and beautiful ships.  The Guayas is a 257 foot long Ecuadorian Naval Academy ship, teaching seamanship and navigation skills to naval cadets.  The Gloria, at 249 feet, is the official flagship of the Colombian Navy, and was commissioned in 1968 as a sail-training ship, similar to the Guayas.  I woke up real early to grab some shots at sunrise before the crowds, and was pleasantly surprised with both a nice sunrise, as well as finding the lights still lit on both ships.  I’m endlessly fascinated with the Tall Ships, and will post some more images in the near future.


12 thoughts on “Tall Ships at Sunrise

  1. Beautiful image, Steven. Love that great sky.
    I was able to get some nice images of the Gloria (and others) when they were here in Baltimore in Mid-June for our “Sailabration”. It’s quite an experience seeing these tall ships, as you well know.

    Glad you enjoyed the staycation, great way to enjoy the home front. 🙂

  2. Beautiful capture!! My parents live in Kingston, Ontario, right on the water. There have been War of 1812 celebrations there too, and they have been lucky enough to see some of the Tall Ships sail right by their house, which thrills them as they are sailors themselves. My Mom has been very busy with her camera :).

  3. Absolutely top drawer, Steven! I love love love the Tall Ships… they come to Victoria for a festival periodically, too, and it’s always a highlight for us to see them. This picture is just full of nostalgia and romance, my friend; well composed and captured!!

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