Ogunquit Book

I’m very excited to share my first photography book titled “Ogunquit, from the beach to the cove.”  I’ve been creating images of Ogunquit, Maine for a while now, and finally had a library of images that I felt would make a good travel photo book about this wonderful place.  I originally created this book for my parents who have a true love for Ogunquit, and now want to share it with my friends (that’s you) as well.  To see a full screen preview of the book, just click on the icon at the bottom with the four arrows.  And for more information about it, you can click the link at the bottom right.

As this is my first attempt at a travel photography book, I would love to get your feedback and thoughts on it – good, bad, and everything in between.  Thanks so much.


14 thoughts on “Ogunquit Book

  1. Excellent book. Looks good, very viewable and some super images. I have toyed with doing something similar, what worried me was how time consuming it might be to create one. Do you recall roughly how long this took, Steven? Or maybe that’s an impossible question

    • Thanks Andy. I did spend a fair amount of time on it, but it was spread out over a long period. I’d work on it periodically, take a break, and then jump back at it again. Definitely a worthwhile endeavor in my mind, and something I would recommend doing.

  2. Congratulations, Steve – you have put together a nice piece of work. I have not been following your blog for very long so have not seen any of these images before. They go together very nicely and seems to have a natural flow as you page through the book. I wish you luck with this and hope you make a few sales.

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