Masts and Sails

Today’s post is another image of the Tall Ships that were in Boston last week.  This is the KRI Dewaruci, which is the largest tall ship in the Indonesian Navy.  As with the ships I posted about here, it’s used as a sail-training vessel for naval cadets, and also as a goodwill ambassador for Indonesia to the rest of the world.  I was thrilled that the sky was cooperating the morning that I was there, but was disappointed that the tides decided not to cooperate with the sky.  It was low tide at sunrise, and as a result, I could really only capture the masts and sails set against the morning colors.  I of course still like the final image, but would have preferred to have been able to show more of the ship itself.


6 thoughts on “Masts and Sails

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  2. I really like how it’s “layers” of interest looking at this picture. In the foreground is the masts and sails and all their details that catches your eye. But then behind that layered beneath it in the background is such an amazing sky!

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