Graves Light

Before we get to today’s image, I wanted to say thank you for all the feedback regarding the new blog design.  It’s still a work in progress, and your input means a lot to me.  I truly appreciate everyone taking the time to leave comments and thoughts.   So thank you.

As for today’s post, it appears my lighthouse obsession continues.  This is Graves Light which is located at the outer end of Boston Harbor.  It’s not accessible to the public, and is best seen by boat which is how I got this shot.  It was late morning, and the sky lacked any nice color, so I decided to process this in B&W.  Tonemapping the brackets brought out some nice detail in the clouds which looked much better in monochrome.  What really impresses me with this image is the power of post-processing software.  I grabbed these brackets while balancing on the deck of a relatively small fishing boat, which is a far cry from my usual tripod set-up or even just standing on firm ground.  But even though each bracket was slightly off from the others, Photomatix was able to line up everything perfectly.  I know we take some of this stuff for granted these days, but every so often I’m reminded how amazing and powerful it really is.


9 thoughts on “Graves Light

  1. Wonderful tones and processing Steven. I haven’t been able to get to Graces Light yet but hope to soon. I share the same love of lighthouses as you do.

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