Have a Seat

Good morning and happy Monday.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I’m trying something new today (or at least new for me) by doing a cross-post with my friend Bob Lussier with whom I spent an afternoon last week shooting at the Stone Mill in Lawrence, MA.  This is a favorite location for both of us, and we thought it would be fun to post an image of the same subject but taken with very different perspectives.  As anyone who’s seen Bob’s work knows (and if you haven’t, you need to check out his site here), he is incredibly talented, and has a way of really working these urbex scenes.  So while he chose a fantastic wide angle comp for his image, I opted for a more simple and intimate composition.  By the way, this is the same room I posted about here the other day.  Anyway, it was really fun to shoot and process my image, and then to see a completely different take on it from Bob.  I hope to do one of these again soon.

8 thoughts on “Have a Seat

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  2. Interesting to see the two different interpretations of the same scene. As different as they both are in the approach to the scene, they both bring a deep feeling of melancholy to me as I look at them.

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