Stone House

Good morning and happy Monday.  Today’s image brings us back to Gloucester, MA and the Annisquam area.  This building is located right next to the Annisquam Light (see some previous images here, here and here), although I’m not really sure whether there’s any actual connection or link between the two.  I had raced up here the other night after work in hopes of a nice lighthouse sunset, but traffic unfortunately caused me to miss it by just a few minutes.  I hung around for a while to get some of the warm after-sunset colors you see here, but the bugs soon got the best of me, and I had to leave.

One of the things that drew me to this composition is the positioning of both the building and the clouds.  While I utilized the rule of thirds in positioning the building on the right, having the clouds on the left side really added some nice balance to the shot.  Balance is something I always look for when either composing a shot, or when cropping it during post, as it definitely can add that something extra to an image.


9 thoughts on “Stone House

  1. The cloud in the left third does provide a very nice balance to the much “heavier” right with both the building and the rocks. The wonderful light really helps, too!

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