Ferry Ride

I love ferries. Just being out on the ocean, knowing that the ferry is taking me to some island destination.  This is the ferry from New London, CT to Orient Point on Long Island from our recent trip to the Hamptons.  It was quite foggy that morning with a little sun breaking through here and there, and that made the color of the bench really stand out.  I was also digging the yellow/orange lights that run along the top part of the boat.  As for the guy in the green hat, I was going to try and clone him out, but decided to leave him there as he adds some additional visual interest to the image.  Would you have left him in the shot or removed him?


5 thoughts on “Ferry Ride

  1. I have to admit I hadn’t noticed the guy in the green hat until I read the post. This shot is all about perspective – and that works extremely well. The green hat plays no part in that but I still think it is important to the overall composition. Clone out the hat and you have a very blank corner – the hat holds that corner in. Little points like that do actually help overall composition, I think

  2. Steven, I dig the “new” look of the blog! Nice shot today as well! Sorry I’ve been absent for a while, moving across the world is quite an endeavor!! I’ve gotta catch up on our work!

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