Nothing to See

Someday someone will need to explain to me the attraction that photographers have (myself included) to these telescope things we see everywhere there’s a vista of some kind.  Anytime I see one, I can’t help myself and have to grab a shot or two whether it stands alone like this one, or if it makes a nice foreground interest to a scene in the background.  For this shot, the lack of color from the fog surrounding the telescope (is that what they’re called?) cried out for B&W, although the color version almost looked B&W on it’s own.   Do you find these things to have a magnetic attraction to your camera as well?


6 thoughts on “Nothing to See

  1. Most definitely! Just a few months ago when I was in Niagara Falls, I felt compelled to capture them as well. I think part of it is how long they have been around. Compared to all of the new technology nowadays, they almost seem antique.

  2. Never really thought about this Steven. I can honestly say that I have never photographed one before. Now I will have to add one in the future. Great title and image.

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