Marshall Point

This is the Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde, Maine which was made famous in the movie Forrest Gump.  It’s the place he ran to on the east coast before turning around to run west.  While it’s always impressive to come across places that have been portrayed in movies, I was disappointed (at least as a photographer) that the lighthouse museum in the keeper’s house had a crappy snapshot of Tom Hanks and the lighthouse keeper in a cheap little frame as the only real memento of the shooting of that scene.  I wasn’t necessarily expecting a 20×30 aluminum print, but something with a little more substance would’ve been nice.  Oh well.

It was quite cloudy/overcast the morning I was there, so I quickly decided that a long exposure in B&W would probably be best for this long view of the walkway to the tower.  I was originally hoping for a nice sunrise over the lighthouse, but I’m certainly pleased with how this image turned out.


9 thoughts on “Marshall Point

  1. Greta leading lines Steven and I love the long exposure effect. I have a similar shot but my traveling companions were impatient and I didn’t have time for a long exposure. Now that I have seen this, I regret not trying it.

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