Monhegan Light

Today’s image is another look at Monhegan Light on Monhegan Island.  This image was taken from a different vantage point compared to my post the other day, and captures the light tower in addition to the various buildings and the dory.  As I mentioned previously, this is just a beautiful spot 178 feet above the ocean below.  As my writing skills are limited compared with my photography skills, I thought I’d share this excerpt from an 1886 book called, All Among the Lighthouses by Mary Bradford Crowninshield, who described the view from Monhegan Island Light as such:

“Way off there to the north spread out the woods and forests of Maine, miles and miles each way, as far as the eye could penetrate; and out there to the west , the south, the east, stretched that limitless blue expanse, heaving, rolling, sparkling, dotted with its flaky signs of enterprise and commerce, which dipped and bowed to the heaving sea, some close, some far away, others showing a dim outline on the distant streak which limits the boundary of our vision.”

Sometimes I wish people still talked this way.

Have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “Monhegan Light

  1. Although this is a full color image, there seems to be such a simple color palette to the shot – one shade each of blue, red, green and white – which I really like.

  2. Mark’s comments above are very apt – the colours are very simple but they go together so well. As in the previous image of this place, the curves of the boat provide a very satisfying contrast the more angular buildings. Good work, Steven

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