Rusty Details

Before we get to today’s image, I want to say thanks for all the visits and comments the past several days.  I’ve been extremely busy with work recently, and haven’t had much time to stop by your sites and see your latest work.  I’m looking forward to catching up with all of you soon.

As I explored the wreck of the D. T. Sheridan, I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the little details that I could’ve spent time shooting.  Since I didn’t have too much time there, I tried to find the most compelling ones to focus on.  Now I’m not sure the exact purpose these things served on the boat when she was working, but they’ve chosen to be great photo subjects as their second career.  I experimented with processing this as an HDR, as these types of rusty subjects are typically made for HDR, but decided that I liked the look of the single exposure better.


7 thoughts on “Rusty Details

  1. Great POV, Stephen. Love the repeating rings along the hull. I think your choice to process the single image instead of the full bracket set was a good ooe. This image needed those dark patches where the hull had rusted through and they could easily have been toned down with the hdr processing.

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