Fall Splendor

Good morning, and I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I thought for today I would try something I’m calling “find the one thing that annoys me about this image.”  This is another shot from my trip to a local farm last weekend.  I was really pleased with this image once I had processed it, but then one little thing started to bug me a bit.  Can you figure out what it is?

P.S.  If I get 50 different answers, I’m going to be a little concerned about my future as a photographer.  🙂


11 thoughts on “Fall Splendor

  1. Looks real good to me Steven. Great fall image. I am going to guess that the little ridge on the right of the fence is cut off that would have made it a parallel leading line to the fence.

  2. Pretty scene here, Steven. Not sure what you could be referring to. I will guess it’s the large tree in the foreground. It doesn’t show very much foliage, but that is balance out by the background foliage. Hey, it’s nature and looks great. 😉

  3. Thanks everyone for the comments today. So… the one little thing that really bugs me about this shot is how the end of the fence in front overlaps the one behind it. I feel like there needs to be some space between them, and now it’s all I look at in the image. Maybe I’m totally nuts, but this little thing just really makes me wish I had spent more time thinking about the composition instead of rushing around trying to get more shots.

  4. I like it, Steven. I guess it’s that the closest to camera white post overlaps the fencing on the far side of the road and you wished there was a gap to lead into the track.

  5. I see you point, Stephen. One small step back and to the left would have solved your issue with the fence and, maybe, kept the parallel S-curve in the wheel tracks to the right of the fence complete rather than being cut-off as it leaves and rejoins down the right hand edge. Both of these issues are just niggles as I still like the overall image.

  6. Now that you’ve given it away, I can see what you don’t like. Just a very small space would work and the movement would also place the other trees on the right away from the posts that they are almost directly lined up with. But, I still really like the shot anyway.Beautiful colors. Nice one, Steven.

  7. I’d have never guess that in a million years, although now that you mention it I see it now too. BUT, I personally don’t think it detracts at all! I believe we’ve seen this driveway in a previous post from you, it looks familiar to me. I just love it!!

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