Rockin’ Lighthouse

While thinking ahead about setting the clocks back by an hour Sunday morning, I decided to get out at sunrise on Saturday to take advantage of the last day for a reasonable sunrise time for a while.  At around 7:20 am, it’s one of the latest times during the year for the sun to rise (at least for New England), and not too painful a time to get started.  Unfortunately the clouds decided to get in on the action as well, and I was left with not much color during the pre-dawn hour.  A little while later I did see some blue sky and managed to grab this long-ish exposure (about a minute).  This is the Eastern Point Lighthouse in Gloucester, and is one of my favorite lighthouses to shoot.  This shot was taken from the back side of light, and not the more common location along the breakwater that runs from the lighthouse to the harbor.  While looking for a pleasing composition, I saw this large reddish rock and thought it would nicely complement the red roof of the keeper’s house.


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