Early Morning Urbex


This past weekend, I found some willing and able partners in Bob Lussier and Mike Tully to explore the abandoned factory of the former Cape Ann Tool Company in Rockport, Mass.  We met early in the morning to first do some sunrise shooting at Annisquam Light, and then headed over to the old factory for a little urbex shooting.  I had been wanting to shoot here for a while, and this place did not disappoint.  It’s a huge space, and the three of us immediately split up to explore all the gritty spaces and details for several hours. 

This image probably isn’t going to be my favorite from the shoot, but with limited time to dive into the shots yesterday, this was the first one I decided to process.  These tracks lead to the door in the back of the factory, which happens to back up to Pigeon Cove in Rockport.  An old truck axle was an odd thing to find here, and I liked the contrast of tracks and truck parts in the same space.  Stay tuned for more images from this place in the coming days.


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