As Bob Lussier and I get ready for our upcoming mill workshops, we did a little scouting trip this weekend along with Mike Tully to the Everett Mill in Lawrence.  This place is massive, and full of incredible spaces to photograph.  For this particular image I was inspired by all of the great images Bob has made of mill stairways over the years.  And one thing the Everett Mill doesn’t lack is cool stairways.

When I got home and started to process this shot, I immediately saw the opening in the wall as a cyclop’s eye with the railing as a mouth below.   Do you see it, or am I starting to imagine things?  Well… at least the lines and textures are pretty nice too.


8 thoughts on “Cyclops

  1. These old mills are the coolest things!! Great shot here, Steven, I too saw the Cyclops… but I do admit I also really enjoyed the architectural details, the great natural lines and of course, those wonderful textures. Fabulouso!

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