Ray of Light

Rays of Light

I’m going to continue today with another image from the Everett Mill with this shot from the 6th floor.  Almost every window on this side of the building is covered with these stained shades, but the combination of a slight tear in one of the shades and the late afternoon sun was like a siren song for us to come and shoot it.

One of the things that fascinates me about these mills is that they once were the home of textile companies and machine shops, and yet today much of the space is occupied by a variety of more modern businesses.  While certain areas still remain unused (perfect for photographers like us, btw), the same bricks, wood and windows from a century ago are paving the way for new business and opportunity today.


7 thoughts on “Ray of Light

  1. Such a simple composition and yet so very effective. The light on the floor acts as the perfect leading line to the windows and all that detail in the background. Nice one, Steven.

  2. As I said on Bob’s blog, this is incredibly important work, Steven, and you’ve doing such a wonderful job with it. I keep finding the architectural landscape of my island changing, sometimes even resulting in demolition, of important heritage structures. In some cases, our photography is all that is left of these places that helped formed the foundation of our society. Terrific image.

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