Enter the Mill

Enter the Mill

I decided to stick with the mill theme once again today, and I think I’ll finish out the week tomorrow with another one as well.  While writing today’s post, I realized that this is probably my first time posting vertically-oriented images four days in a row.  For whatever reason, most of the images I liked from shooting the Everett and Stone Mills this past weekend were shot with a vertical orientation.  I’m not sure why I’m even compelled to tell you this, but hey, now you know anyway.


13 thoughts on “Enter the Mill

  1. Being one who is particularly fond of old and abandoned buildings I’ve really appreciated this series too.
    I find your discourse on orientation interesting as I came to realize early in my photographic endeavors, that I shoot the vast majority of my shots in a portrait orientation. There is no doubt that certain scenes/shots have a natural orientation, and it seems… so do photographers.

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