Stairway to Urbex Heaven

Stairway to Urbex Heaven

Sorry for the corny title, but it’s late as I write this, and I’m tired.  This is another image from one of the many beautiful stairways at the Everett Mill in Lawrence.  Each set of stairs here seems to have it’s own personality, and they provide endless ways to create interesting compositions.  Most of my images from here – including this one – were captured with a wide or ultra-wide angle lens, and I’ve also tried some shots with the 50mm prime.  One thing I haven’t yet tried here, however, is a fisheye, and I plan to rent one for the next time I come back to grab some really wide and interesting perspectives.


4 thoughts on “Stairway to Urbex Heaven

  1. Interesting POV, Steven. The obvious line for the eye to take is down the stairs yet there is some intrigue upstairs with the open doors that just has to be looked at. My eye keeps bouncing from the two parts of the image!

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