River Stones

River Stones

Today’s image comes from the Pemigewasset River in Lincoln, NH.  This river provides so many great photo opportunities as it’s full of stones and boulders like these which can really add to a shot.  I was initially trying to find a more grand view of the river when I was up there last year, but couldn’t find one that suited me.  So instead I found this more intimate scene and threw on the trusty ND10 for a little long exposure goodness.


13 thoughts on “River Stones

  1. very much a novice asking this question. all the water near me is frozen, but when it does finally flow freely I’ll want to attempt shots similar to this, I have a 4 stop ND filter, will that not quite cut it? Is a 10 stop the way to go for long exposure, day time shots? Probably a lot of variables, but any advice would be appreciated. thanks.

    • Thanks for the visit Luke. How many stops you need really depends on the amount of light in the scene, and the length of the exposure you want. A 4 stop filter would be fine on an overcast day or at the edges of the day when it’s darker, but you’ll probably want/need more if it’s bright and sunny. To stretch the limits of what you can get, you can stop way down to f/16 or f/22, and you could also stack a polarizer with the ND filter to get an extra stop or two. Hope this helps.

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