Nice Curves

Shame on all of you who saw the title and thought you’d be seeing something different.  🙂

This post is really about the fact that I love old cars.  I especially enjoy cars like this one that have designs that are so simple and elegant, with beautiful curves and not a creased or straight edge to be found.  This was one of several vintage cars parked in front of a neighbor’s house this past fall.  I was out walking the dog late in the afternoon when I saw them, and sprinted back to the house to grab my camera and tripod.  Unfortunately the sun has already set, and I only had a few minutes of usable light to get a few shots.  I’m hoping that in the spring they come back and I can try again.  I haven’t really photographed cars very much, and found it challenging to get interesting angles and perspectives.  But now I’m certainly going to look for opportunities to practice in the future.  Here are a few additional shots of this same car.


18 thoughts on “Nice Curves

  1. These pictures are sweeet. It kind of gets to me that car makers don’t take the kind of strides in physical engineering that they used to with these awesome classics. If you look at a sedan/SUV/etc… They all look the same. You did a nice job capturing these buddy. Well done.

  2. I see you have the fever, too, Steven! I have to admit, it’s much bigger than me; if I see a classic like this I literally fall over myself trying to photograph it! Great series here, my friend, love the composition and details you’ve brought to light for us all to enjoy!

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