Well I’m pleased to report that my blog and I have decided to get back together again.  About two weeks ago we decided that we perhaps could use some time away from one another.  I had said some things I didn’t mean.  The blog said some things it didn’t mean.  Things were starting to get very uncomfortable.  But after our time apart, we both feel like we’re at a good place to get back to blogging again.  Thanks for your patience and support during this challenging time for both of us.  🙂

Seriously, though.   A little break was needed from blogging, and I’m glad I took the time away.  I didn’t do much of anything related to photography for about two weeks until this past weekend when I spent a few days up in Maine filling some memory cards.  I now have new images to share with everyone starting with this shot of the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse in Portland, Maine.  It’s a brilliant example of a “sparkplug” style lighthouse, and protects Portland harbor.  Although the light was first lit in 1897, the 900-foot breakwater I’m standing on wasn’t built until 1951, and now provides easy accessibility to the lighthouse.  The tower is closed to visitors, but there are plenty of angles and compositions to shoot it from the outside.  I’ll share more images of this magnificent lighthouse in future posts.

P.S.  I’m looking forward to catching up on all of your posts that I’ve missed over the past few weeks.


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